Mirror clips are utilized to hold mirrors to a wall. They are utilized alone, or some of the time with mirror glue to guarantee that the mirror can’t tumble off of the divider. Removing the clips is an exceptionally simple activity. The possible reason that it very well may be befuddling is if you don’t have the foggiest idea where the screws are located.

It isn’t hard to remove bathroom mirrors held in place with clips. Mirror clips can be made of plastic or metal, and they are attached with screws that stretch out through the drywall into the outlining. To remove a wall mirror with clips you can either remove the screws and the clips from the mirror and divider, or you can loosen the screws and rotate the clips so they at this point don’t contact the mirror. On the off chance that you decide to leave the clips connected to the divider, fix the screws once you reposition the clips out of the way. Utilize outrageous caution when dealing with huge sections of mirrored glass. The mirrored glass can without much of a stretch break, or it might have sharp edges that can cut unprotected hands.


The number of clips that you need to remove will rely upon the size of the mirror. Bigger mirrors will have in any event at least 8 clips. The clips are held in place by divider anchors. The anchors guarantee that the clips won’t be pulled out of the divider by the heaviness of the mirror.

Plastic Clips

Plastic mirror clips have a snap-on cover that conceals the screw to remove them. The cover just snaps on to the clip and can be taken out by sliding your level tip screwdriver under the edge of the cover and prying out. Utilize your variable speed drill to remove the screws holding the mirror clips to the divider. Start at the top corner either right or left, and afterward remove a clip from the contrary base corner. Proceed with this pattern until all the clips are taken out.

Metal Clips

Metal mirror clips don’t have covers that fly off. Push up on the mirror to release it from the base clips. Remove the base clips with your drill and Phillip’s head or flat tip drill tool. Permit the base to slide down to release the mirror from the top clips.

Preparation for How to Remove a Wall Mirror with Clips

The tools that you need to remove a wall mirror with clips are an essential flat tip screwdriver and a variable speed drill. Utilize an assistant or two to remove huge mirrors. These mirrors are very heavy and can’t be taken care of by one individual alone.

Things You Will Need

Here are the things which you need in how to remove a bathroom mirror with clips:

  • Screwdriver
  • 3-inch painter’s masking tape
  • Heavy-duty gloves

Important Tip

In some scenarios, mirror installers will stick the mirror to the divider behind it with solid mastic. On the off chance that the mirror doesn’t come away from the divider easily, it is hard to remove it without making any damage to the drywall behind the mirror or to the mirror.

Be Careful

Mirrors are thin glass panels that have a painted reflected covering on the back. Mirrors are amazingly delicate, and they easily break on the off chance that they are not carried appropriately. Wear thick work gloves when working with mirrors to secure your hands.

Apply 3-inch Painter’s Masking Tape

Apply 3-inch-wide painter’s masking tape to the mirror diagonally, on a flat plane and vertically. On the off chance that the mirror breaks or cracks while you are dealing with it, the tape will limit the danger of injury.

Remove the Wall Mirror Screws

Unscrew the side clips first, utilizing a screwdriver. Generally, mirrors are installed utilizing Phillips-head screws. Unscrew and completely remove the clips on each side of the mirror, or loosen the screws and reposition the clips far removed, at that point tighten the screws. Inappropriately installed clips might be screwed in a bad way into the drywall just and not into a divider stud or divider anchor. If that is the situation, the screw will turn freely yet won’t emerge from the divider as you turn it. Grab the clip with your fingers and simply pull it and the screw out of the divider to remove it.

Loosen the Bottom Wall Mirror Clips

Loosen, however, don’t remove, base clips from the mirror, because removing these clips may make the mirror move downward and break against the ledge or sprinkle. Appropriately hung mirrors will rest in a metal or plastic channel that sits on the ledge, or they may lay on the top edge of the counter’s sprinkle.

Remove the Final Wall Mirror Screws and Clips

Press the mirror firmly against the divider with one hand as you remove the last top screws and clips. It is useful to have an associate while removing a mirror. Holding the mirror in place with pressure keeps it from falling ceaselessly from the divider startlingly until you are prepared to move it.

Lift the Mirror Up and Away

Handle both side edges of the mirror, and tenderly lift it away from the ledge. On the off chance that the mirror is situated in a channel, lift the mirror sufficiently high to free the lip from the channel right across the base edge of the mirror.

Carry the Mirror Vertically

Carry the mirror cautiously in a vertical position. If carried horizontally, mirrors can break from the pressure of their weight. Hold the mirror close by edges as it were. On the off chance that the mirror is very enormous and weighty, you can rent suction-cup handles that lock onto the face of the mirror and have advantageous handles for carrying the glass securely.