No doubt, the presence of mirrors in a room increased beauty. But, no one wants to damage the walls and the plasterboard also. People want to get the answer to question “how to hang a mirror on the wall without nails”. But, now you’re all the problems are going to an end after reading this content. I worked hard to pick useful information after doing individually focus on this task. You do not need to repair the wall after pasting the mirrors on it. Here are some well-known methods to use. Moreover, the cost of all the options is reachable to everyone in the market.

If we look broadly, then there are a lot of ways to hang a mirror. However, I only used some of the major choices for you. Moreover, you do not need any special person for these goals.

  • Adhesives
  • Wall anchors
  • Toggle bolts
  • Drywall hooks

After using these methods, you can save some money automatically. Furthermore, you also have an option to change the place of mirrors when require. Let’s talk to the 1st one.


From all the four ways to hang the mirror on the wall, the method of adhesive is very simple. How to hang a flat mirror with adhesive? Moreover, it is a good alternative with slightly cost. It has consisted of the very sticky and non-penetrating in the back. The back of the mirror will stick to the wall. You do not need to be feat after hanging. It is a very strong and reliable option.

Wall Anchors:

It has composed of plastic material. After making small holes on the wall with the use of a drill machine, you need to push into the hole. Before to do it, you must have a steel screw of the same size. How to hang a heavy mirror without a frame? One thing keeps in mind that the head of the screw must too outer to hang the mirror. Please, try to make it strong. If there some problem in screw adjusting then the mirror can also fall in future.

According to the previous experience, it has seen that the wall anchor method only used for some lightweight mirrors. However, it provided an outstanding result in the past.

Toggle Bolts:

Attaching mirror to the wall is easy by using the Toggle bolts. The toggle bolts are durable for heavyweight mirrors. You can enhance it but do not need to increase the size of the hole. Please, do not forget to tighten the bolts because it may harm for you.  After leaving a strong grip, your head of bolt must be the same as the grip. Once you have pasted the toggle bolts, and then you do not need to worry for a long time.

Drywall Hooks:

How to hang a large mirror without a frame? Mostly, the drywall hooks picked up for hanging the mirrors in the bedroom. It is also the best choice to paste the required mirror on the drywalls and plasters also. However, you will free from the use of nails here. You can also stick the mirror to the door. There is not a big deal to handle it; it is same as you did in the toggle bolts option. , you have to place the hook and hang the mirror. It should be in the center of the mirror area. It means that all the equal weight would be on it.

Final Words:

All the method to hang the mirror have described according to reality. So, the issue regarding, “how to hang a mirror on the wall without nails” has solved. Moreover, I gave all the right information about the major task to you. However, if you still have any question in your mind, then you can visit the more places for it. Some videos are also available on YouTube. It could more help than reading.