Do you know how to hang a mirror on a hollow door? If you hire a person to do it, then you have to pay much cost of it. So, I have seen the work manually to give the best experience to the viewers. If you read the content until the end, you will hang the mirror without any additional problem. Moreover, a very small fault can create many issues for you, like in injury and cost. So, follow all the instruction that has given in the bellow to achieve the required goal. Furthermore, the need to hang the mirror remained to continue many times in life.

There are the following steps of How to Hang Mirrors on A Hollow Door.

  1. Measuring the mirror, use the level, and draw a faint line with the pencil at the top of the door. Again, could you do it for the bottom? Draw a faint line with a pencil at the bottom of the door. Similarly, draw it for two sides of a door. Alternatively, hold the mirror up to the door; use the level to determine the plumb as it is vertically upright and flush level from side to side and then the mirror’s contour.
  2. Rub the door surface inside the mirror’s contour. Use medium-grained sandpaper and sand by hand, being careful not to exceed the area of the mirror. Sanding of the door under a mirror clears dirt and oils, ensuring a better connection for a mirror’s mastic. If not, clean the whole surface of the door with a cloth and hot, sparkling water.
  3. Wipe down the door surface with a wet cloth and then clean it with a dry cloth so that no moisture on the door is left behind. Otherwise, it will create problems.
  4. Make holes in the door with a drill machine carefully and fit special  Hold a mirror clip so that the bottom edge is even with the bottom left of the mirror’s frame. Draw a hole with a pencil where you have to put a screw. Push your choice of hollow anchors slightly through the hole with a hammer if necessary, before securing them with a screw. Repeat for the right or left side and Wait, hang full to secure the top clips.
  5. Spread the mastic off the mirror over the installation area, stopping one or two inches from the edges of the mirror to prevent the mastic from oozing around the edges. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.
  6. Raise the mirror and place it on the door, dragging it down through the clips. Set up the upper clips. Tighten down the bottom clips. Leave the door undisturbed for a few hours if you have used sealant to make sure it dries correctly. In this way, a mirror is mounted on a door.

What is the reason to hang a mirror on a hollow door?

It is possible when you see yourself in the mirror. If you use a mirror on the Hollow door, this will be more beneficial for you. People use the mirror for many reasons like tying a tie or touching up their makeup, flossing properly, and shaving efficiently. Mirrors are in different shapes which are used for different purposes.

Mirror enhances the beauty of your entire home. A well-placed mirror can enhance your business or your customers’ or employees’ experiences. We use a mirror in different home places, but a mirror on the Hollow door looks more beautiful and attractive if you want to see how your shoes are fitted with your dress if you want to see how your shirt has interacted with your tie or pent.

If you want to see the full length of your dress, then you need a full-length mirror. Mirror on Hollow door plays a very important role in human’s life. If you are ready to lead in a meeting or ready to go for a presentation or anywhere else, you are only given a glimpse in a mirror that helps to better your confidence level and get more confident about yourself.

Final Words:


I think you are ready to do your task “How to Hang Mirror on a Hollow Door” now without getting any additional help from others. All the steps have placed according to the requirement. If you still have any problem, then you can visit the video by browsing the internet. You must be aware of all the precautions while doing it. A small mistake can leave a big problem for you. The falling of the mirror can create any severe injury.