On the off chance that you have a broken mirror, don’t discard it presently! You can without much of a stretch fix it utilizing a standard mirror repair kit from your nearby auto stock store. Start by cleaning the mirror to remove any residue and dust. At that point, apply the stabilizer strip so you can infuse the resin and contain it. After it dries, add another drop resin, cover it with a curing film, and allow it an hour to cure. Strip off the curing film, scratch off the abundance resin, and polish the mirror with glass cleaner. It’ll look all around great!

Confronted with a little break in a mirror, the tendency for the vast majority is to discard it, not understanding the crack may be effectively fixed. A basic mirror crack fix unit of the sort sold via auto supply stores to fix windshields can likewise be utilized to fix broken household mirrors, including wall mirrors.

These packs incorporate all you require, including resin, film, and stabilizers. The choice to fix or replace the mirror should be based on the seriousness of the damage. With alternatives for both fix and replacement, many professional repair experts can restore your mirror to perfect condition.

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How to Fix a Cracked Wall Mirror (Method #1)

Here in this post, I am going to share some steps of how to fix a cracked wall mirror professionally. You can simply follow these steps to fix cracked mirrors without hiring any professional assistance for it. So, let’s start and discuss the steps of how to repair a broken mirror:

Step #1

Clean the region around the break utilizing a delicate cloth. All debris and trash should be taken out for the repair pack to work appropriately. Clean the mirror with a cleanser and warm water. Take a wipe or a spotless fabric and absorb its warm water. Apply a drop of dish cleanser and work the wipe or cloth into a foam. Wipe the broke region clean to eliminate soil and residue from the surface.

Step #2

Apply the stabilizer film from the mirror repair kit over the break by stripping off the glue backing and squeezing the stabilizer layer in place. Smooth out the stabilizer with your fingers to eliminate any caught air. Eliminate the glue support of the stabilizer film. Take the reasonable stabilizer strip and find the edge of the glue backing. Utilize your fingertips to strip off the support to uncover the adhesive. Try not to strip off the glue backing until you’re prepared to apply the film.

Step #3

Press the stabilizer film over the break. Spot an edge of the stabilizer film onto the mirror at the edge of the break. Apply the film over the break by turning it over the surface from the corner so no air gets caught underneath the film. Fill the needle with tar, at that point embed the tip through the stabilizer and into the break. Squeeze the plunger to force the resin into the break until it is filled. Allow the resin to fix as per the item guidelines, at that point strip off the stabilizer film.

Step #4

Utilize your fingers to streamline the stabilizer film. Run your fingertips from 1 finish of the stabilizer film to the next. Work to push out any air bubbles that might be caught underneath the film and make a tight seal over the break. Apply a minuscule measure of resin on top of the relieved, filled break. Cover this resin promptly with the curing film.

Step #5

Strip the curing film off after the top layer of resin has been relieved, too.

Step #6

Smooth the repair by daintily scratching with an extremely sharp blade if necessary, at that point clean the mirror with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

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How to Fill the Crack with Resin (Method #2)

Step #1

Fill the needle with the epoxy resin glue. The epoxy resin glue accompanies a plastic needle. Push the plunger of the needle so it’s right down, at that point embed the needle into the holder of sap. Gradually pull the plunger to pull out the pitch and fill the needle. You may have to cut the tip of the needle with some scissors to utilize it.

Step #2

Insert the tip of the needle through the stabilizer film. Place the tip of the needle over the stabilizer film generally at the middle. Utilize delicate pressure to push the needle through the film and into the break. The tip of the needle should be within the break.

Step #3

Push down the plunger to fill the break with tar. Keep the needle still and gradually push on the plunger. The gum will leave the needle and fill the break. The stabilizer film will keep the tar contained in the break. Add a limited quantity of sap at a time. On the off chance that you apply an excessive amount of excessively fast, it could shape a lopsided lump under the film.

Step #4

Stand by 20 minutes to permit the resin to solidify. After you apply the gum to the break, gradually pull the tip of the needle out of the stabilizer film. Leave the resin undisturbed for in any event 10 minutes so it can begin to set and solidify in the break.


To wrap up this discussion on how to fix a cracked wall mirror, I would only say that if you have a broken or cracked mirror in your home or office and planning to throw it away, just follow these simple steps of how to fix a cracked wall mirror and you will be all set to make your mirror just like new as it was before.

By simply following the simple steps discussed in this post, you will be able to get the job done. Moreover, by following these steps to fix broken mirrors, you will not need to hire any professional assistance to get the job done and as a result, help you save your valuable money and time.